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The Catholic Tradition Podcast: 139

Aug 12, 2022

In a latest video on the
Pints with Aquinas
channel, Gregory Pine, O.P. voiced
his concern that mass leisure, notably music and films,
is usually an impediment to reaching the heavenly finish of contemplation
for which we’re made. What’s noteworthy is that in contrast to the
typical Catholic commentary on popular culture, Fr. Pine doesn’t focus
a lot on the ethical content material of music and films as how their very
type impacts us bodily, psychologically and spiritually.

On this dialogue impressed by
Fr. Pine’s factors, host Thomas Mirus and filmmaker Nathan Douglas
specify some components of music and movie that are obstacles to the
contemplative life, but additionally counsel how, quite than merely
eschewing music and films, we will have interaction with higher artwork in a
deeper manner which serves the contemplative finish of man.


0:00 Intro

6:31 Fr. Pine video

11:08 Dangers of treating media as
“junk meals” quite than demanding higher media

14:44 Cultivating openness to
extra creative movies

17:31 Discursive reasoning is
not the best mode of contemplation

20:26 Music is essentially the most merely
contemplative artwork type

22:58 The relation of movie to

25:13 Promoting and glossiness
in fashionable cinema

29:38 Downside with placing
Catholic content material into Hollywood varieties

31:28 A movie’s modifying rhythm
can hinder contemplation

38:24 Studying intuitively to
inform hackwork from good craft

42:15 Rhythmic pleasure
doesn’t equal mediocrity

46:23 Conclusion of movie

48:02 Making use of Augustine’s
concept of evil as privation to artwork

49:34 The need of each
decrease and better types of music

55:46 In what sense ought to
Catholics “have interaction with popular culture”?

59:33 Pop music dominated by
computer systems, centered on lyrics, lack of melody

1:07:53 The non-public aspect in

1:12:08 Music, the senses, and
contemplation past phrases

1:18:22 Music’s stimulation of
the physique

1:22:45 Utilizing music to indulge

1:27:09 Can music be

1:32:06 Mistaking sluggish for good
in movie

1:34:11 Educating the trustworthy
for creative depth

1:43:50 Can sense pictures serve
the religious life?

1:49:18 What music communicates
about actuality

1:56:20 There’s no system for

2:01:08 Easy receptivity to
God’s magnificence

2:03:54 Really helpful assets


Fr. Gregory Pine, “I finished
listening to music.”

Elizabeth-Paule Labat,
The Tune That I Am: On the
Thriller of Music

Etienne Gilson,
The Arts of the

Standards: The Catholic Movie

CCP #126: How Charlie Parker’s
Music Modified My Life

CCP #28: An Introduction to
Maritain’s Poetic Philosophy w/ Samuel Hazo

Nathan Douglas,
The Vocation of

Fr. Pine’s lecture on literature referenced by

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