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This “Inside Bathe Drink” Went Viral–Does it Actually Work?

As a lot as I hate to confess it, I’ve formally turn out to be that lady who learns nearly every thing from TikTok. From recipes to magnificence traits to life hacks, my TikTok FYP feed is a wealth of data that I can’t appear to get sufficient of. It additionally by no means fails that the weirdest traits appear to garner probably the most consideration—the viral “inner bathe drink” being no exception.

If in case you have but to affix TikTok and haven’t heard of the inner bathe drink, it’s a combination of two tablespoons of chia seeds soaked in a cup of water with the juice of 1 lemon. You’re imagined to let the drink sit for 10-Quarter-hour earlier than ingesting it, so the chia seeds swell up with water, after which… you chug. From what I’ve seen, it’s not a really nice style or texture to ingest, however the objective is to create an “inner bathe” that washes out your bowels. Mhm, you learn that proper.

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The first time I noticed a creator on TikTok sipping on the inner bathe drink, I didn’t give it a lot thought. Why not simply add some chia seeds to your smoothie or take magnesium? Then it popped up on my feed once more. And once more. And once more. So, I made a decision it was time to do a little analysis and discover out if this inner bathe drink is A) well worth the hype and B) secure to drink.

Due to her distinctive experience within the marriage of meals and medication, I interviewed Linda Shiue, a San Francisco-based inner medication doctor, chef and writer of Spicebox Kitchen, to dig deeper into the protection and the science behind the inner bathe drink. 

Learn on for my interview with Dr. Shiue and my private expertise with attempting the inner bathe drink. 

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Is the inner bathe drink secure? In that case, how usually are you able to drink it?

The interior bathe drink is just two tablespoons of chia seeds softened in a cup of water with a squeeze of lemon juice. For most individuals, this needs to be secure to drink every day. This can differ primarily based upon how a lot fiber is already within the particular person’s weight loss plan, as a result of rising any supply of fiber may cause gasoline and painful bloating if accomplished too shortly. Including fiber regularly ought to keep away from this downside, as your digestive system will get used to digesting the extra fiber.

The one different caveat with chia seeds is to be sure you enable them time (at the least 5 minutes) to soak up the liquid. There’s one case report within the medical literature of a affected person who developed an obstruction in his esophagus after consuming uncooked chia seeds, as a result of they later expanded when he drank liquid afterwards. Additionally, anybody with a historical past of intestinal or bowel obstruction ought to seek the advice of their physician to find out whether or not the inner bathe drink is secure for them.

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What are the advantages of the inner bathe drink?

This drink is supposed to be a laxative. However the insoluble fiber may decrease your ldl cholesterol and blood sugar ranges, and by making you’re feeling fuller, could assist with weight reduction. Chia seeds are additionally an excellent supply of coronary heart wholesome omega-3 fatty acids, particularly alpha-linolenic (ALA) fatty acids.

Does the inner bathe drink actually work? How lengthy does it take to really feel the results?

The interior bathe drink is meant to operate as a laxative, and as with all remedy, the expertise will differ. However theoretically (and anecdotally from individuals I’ve spoken with who’ve tried it), it needs to be efficient for this objective. The interior bathe drink, like all bulk-forming laxatives, can work inside 12 hours, however extra usually inside a few days.

Picture by Michelle Nash

What do chia seeds do for the physique?

Chia seeds are an amazing supply of fiber, with about 10 grams in a two-tablespoon serving. The fiber in chia seeds is especially insoluble fiber, which turns right into a gel when mixed with water and helps kind bulkier, softer stools which can be simpler to go. (Oats, peas, beans, apples, citrus fruits, carrots, barley, and psyllium husk—as present in Metamucil—additionally comprise soluble fiber.) 

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I Tried the Trending Inside Bathe Drink–Right here Are My Ideas

I watched TikTok after TikTok in regards to the correct approach to drink the inner bathe drink and suppose I adopted the instructions to a tee. I let the combination sit for Quarter-hour within the fridge, added a tiny little bit of honey to assist the style, and chugged it on an empty abdomen (minus a cup of espresso). The style truthfully wasn’t terrible, because it simply tasted like lemon water.

The feel, nevertheless, is a distinct story. It was chunky.

If in case you have a robust gag reflex, this isn’t the drink for you. Regardless, it wasn’t horrible and I obtained it down with out an excessive amount of of a combat.

I drank it at 11:30 a.m., ate a balanced lunch at 1:00 p.m., and waited. After three hours, nothing had occurred. A number of individuals on TikTok skilled speedy outcomes, so regardless that Dr. Shiue mentioned it may take 12 hours, I used to be impatient. On hour 5, there was a “motion,” however nothing loopy. Given I wasn’t constipated once I drank it, the inner bathe drink most likely simply didn’t have as dramatic/notable of an impact on me.  

Will this be one thing I do once more? Most likely not, except I really have a necessity for it. I don’t suppose that folks with common bowel actions really want to include the inner bathe drink into their diets. Sustaining a wholesome degree of fiber from different meals and/or including chia seeds to different recipes needs to be sufficient. Nonetheless, should you’re feeling constipated or need a good system reset, this drink will do the trick.

Have you ever tried the inner bathe drink? Tell us within the feedback under.



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